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Strengthening Film (Top Coat) for Nails


The ideal tool to care for nails and cuticles. Specially selected range of minerals and antioxidants helps to strengthen nails and improve, improve the appearance and condition cuticles, stabilize growth, eliminates breakage and peeling nails.

Contains: Water, Grape vinegar, Shilajit natural, Polysorbate-80, Epofen, sodium lactate, Taufon, Vitamin C, Cysteine, Cato

How to use : A small amount of funds applied using a pipette or brush on the nail surface and surrounding tissue, allow to dry. If necessary, repeat the procedure. Means to keep the nails at night or for 3-5 hours. Efficiency means significantly higher at night, which is associated with features of biological rhythms of growth and nutrition of the nails. If necessary, a means can be easily removed with warm water

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