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Lavender Hydrogel


Light and easy to apply hydrogel with a melting texture is an ideal product for everyday skin moisturizing. Liposomal base of the hydrogel makes it extremely efficient due to a direct delivery of bioactive components to skin cells. Polysaccharides of a konjac-derived glucomannan and aloe vera in combination with amino acid complex effectively moisturize and protect your skin against the negative environmental impact. A concentrated mix of ceramides, cholesterol, fatty acids, and phytosphingosine stimulates cells renewal, helps to form new lipids for improving a functional barrier. And activates its own system of water delivery to skin. Lactic acid ether, α-bisabolol, and lavender essential oil gently remove oily sheen. Niacinamide (a water soluble vitamin B) has a powerful anti-inflammatory action. It shrinks enlarged pores, makes skin lighter, and evens out its surface.

Suitable for all ages. It is especially recommended for normal skin, oily, and combination skin.


Effectively moisturizes and soothes skin

restores epidermal barrier, removes irritation,

gently removes oily sheen, non-comedogenic.

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