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Mirra has been trading since 1998. During this time the company has not only survived in the market, but also developed many new products each year. At this moment Mirra is one of the worlds leaders in the cosmetics market. This is proven by the high quality of it's products and customers feedback.

The high quality of the products is achieved with modern technologies and careful choice of the active components and raw materials.

To make the biologically active nourishing components really work they must reach the dermal level of the skin. Only tiny emulsion and vesicular parties can get there.

Mirra unique technology enables us to produce very thin cream emulsion with 0.06 micro micron particles. It can deeply penetrate into the skin and act on the cellular level. Other manufacturers provide emulsions with (approximately) 0.5 micro micron particles. Mirra emulsion particles are 500 times smaller than the size of the skin cell, 100 times less than usual bacteria.

Mirra uses the method of cold emulsification which excludes thermal treatment of the product. This method makes it possible to save all useful emulsion ingredients.

Mirra uses vegetable and sea materials to manufacture its products. These materials are carefully selected and mixed to enhance the properties of each other.

Effectiveness and mild physiological action of biologically active substances have been proved by many centuries of experience. This was also confirmed by our own scientists.

Mirra Lux use the following components:

Vegetable oils of grape kernel (powerful antioxidant), apricot, castor, corn, soybean, cedar, peach, jojoba, Mary thistle and others;

Essential oils of pepper mint, clove bud, myrrh, tea tree, sage, rosemary, jasmine .Dry, water-alcoholic, oil extracts of plants: arnica, St. John's wart, nettle, wormwood, camomile, lucerne, clover and others;

Sea products: chitosan, aquatic plants;

Juices of aloe, plantain and others.

The Products aims are to restore and reserve the protective functions of the human body, to prevent ageing and preserve beauty and health.

A unique rotor-cavitational technology (this technology belongs to Mirra Lux only) is used to produce cream emulsions with particles able to work not only through the pores and glands, but also through cell membranes, providing the cells with energetic and physiological power.

Gel products are part of the Mirra phytosystem. The gels contain tiny lipid vesicles (micro-capsules or micro containers consisting of lipid membrane and inner water). Special technologies are used to form vesicles of definite size. They are based on the capability of lipids to be oriented in water. Because of their very small size, vesicles have unique biological compatibility - they can approach the membranes of live cells and interact with them.

Vegetable oils, monoglycerides and vegetative lipids are used as a fatty fraction of the emulsion base.

Polysacharides of sea shellfish chitin, polysacharides of vegetative origin, inert polymers are used as the gel base.

Mirra Lux products include:

Products for all the family, creams, gels, balms, bath and spa lines, dental care and hair care products, cosmetics, anti-ageing and skin alignment products, after shave and skin lifting products,sexual relations improvement and healing balm lines and much more.....

Mirra -Lux UK

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