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Lip Balm helps prevent cold sores on the lips and around the mouth. An active essential oil, shikonin and natural sulphur complex, combined with anti-inflammatory sweet clover and liquorice compounds, improves local immunity, activates anti-inflammatory protection, and relieves the feeling of discomfort. The active formula contains monarda essential oil that has an antiviral effect.
  Lip Balm is a perfect choice for taking care of the skin around the lips, especially during menstruation. It also helps to get rid of linear upper lip wrinkles that are difficult to smooth out. The balm prevents inflammation on the chin and enables fast sore and chapped lip treatment.
Protects and softens the irritated or chapped lip skin and relieves the discomfort of windburned skin. Heals cracked lip corners and chapped lips.

Balm for Lips

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