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Helps to eliminate fatigue and the severity of the legs, reduce swelling and restore normal tissue of post-trauma. Containing essential and vegetable oils and herbal extracts to improve the mix of water and salt metabolism of skin cells, smooths and soothes the skin
Reduce swelling after injuries
Relieves fatigue and sensation of heaviness in the legs
Ingredients: Complex emulsion, deionized water, Vitamin F , Jojoba oil , Essential cypress oil , Essential oil of cloves, sage essential oil, Essential oil marjoram , eucalyptus essential oil, tea tree oil ether , Chestnut CO2 concentrate , sweet clover СО2 koncentatas, licorice root koncentrartas, Epofenas, β-carotene
How to use:
Apply to clean skin with a light massaging movements .

Balm Reventon (The new generation of cosmetics)

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