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Due to innovative combination of ceramides and omega-3, 6, 9 fatty acids, Biologically Active Body Lotion with Kelp has a distinguished rejuvenating effect on the skin. Mineral complex of mussel hydrolysate helps reduce the irritating action of tap water, instantly moistens the skin and visibly improves its quality. Kelp, green tea and chestnut extracts promote active detoxification: by getting rid of toxins the skin becomes smooth, resilient and lifted.
Active ingredients
Marine kelp
Due to capacity to accumulate macro- and microelements from marine water, kelp contains a large quantity of biologically active substances.
Effectiveness of kelp:
· Powerful detoxification, improved microcirculation, removed fluid stasis in tissues;
· Reduced local fat deposits;
· Tissue fluid drainage;
· Reduced stretch marks.
Lemon essential oil
· Natural antiseptic – promotes the healing of skin micro-injuries;
· Immunomodulator – restores the local immune protection;
· Active ingredient cumarine activates blood circulation, strengthens blood-vessel walls, prevents blood coagulation.
Rice bran oil
· One of the best basic oils for daily care of mature skin;
· Slows down ageing processes;
· Smoothes out wrinkles, removes dryness and stretching.
Green tea extract
· Stimulates the synthesis of skin’s own collagen, thus preventing the daily loss of skin resilience;
· Green tea polyphenols are distinguished by an anti-inflammatory and soothing action.
Apple acid ester
· Anti-oxidant - protects the skin against the destructive action of free radicals;
· Strengthens cell metabolism.
The combination of organic oils, high concentration of kelp and green tea extracts exert a powerful rejuvenating and detoxicating effects;
Efficiently removes excess fluid from tissues;
Strengthens blood-vessel walls and improves microcirculation.

Biologically Active Body Lotion with Kelp

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