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Helps shrink pores, clear openings of sebaceous glands to remove excess fat from the skin surface and maintaining acid-base balance.
Cleansing Lotion for Oily Skin with Celandine and Milfoil Extracts is a multifunctional lotion developed for skincare purposes and the prevention of acne. The medicinal herb derived tannin complex and zinc ions help diminish the secretion of skin oil and shrink the pores. Sodium salicylate improves the complexion due to a gentle peeling effect. Active antibacterial agents, such as octopirox, sodium benzoate and lavender essential oil, help restore the skin flora balance. Cleansing Lotion for Oily Skin removes the oily shine and leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean.
Efficiently purifies the skin;
Removes the oily shine;
Prevents the development of acne.

Cleansing Lotion for Oily Skin

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