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Unique, innovative cream provides long-term effective protection against the negative factors of the urban environment. Semi-permeable film of proteins and polysaccharides Moring prevents adsorption on the skin of chemical impurities, including heavy metal ions. The complex of active antioxidants prevents the development of oxidative stress. The cream nourishes, moisturizes and smooths the skin, giving it a fresh and well-groomed appearance. Regular use of the cream - an important step in the fight against premature aging.
  Action: Protects skin from harmful environmental factors.
Has anti-stress effects.
Activates the protective potential of the skin.
  Contains: Water Emulsion base, olive oil, soy oil, glucose, urea extract, clover extract, embliki extract, Boswell extract, pomegranate extract, Moringa, Askorbilglikozid, RonaCare AP, sodium alginate, acid succinic acid, polyquaternium 10, Vitamin A, Vitamin F, Vitamin E, Epofen, fragrance, Cato
  Application: A small amount of cream applied to clean skin 1-2 times a day

Cream-Gel Protective Antioxidants and Extract of Moringa

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