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A balanced nutritious cocktail concentrate herbal extracts, fatty and essential oils. Essential vitamins, minerals and natural antioxidants improves tissue metabolism, strengthens capillary walls. The multicomponent composition of the cream nourishes, tones and smooths the skin, gives it vitality and comfort.
Actively and fully nourish the skin of any type of
tissue Sates Securities biocomponents
Prevents vascular reticula
Emulsion base, deionized water, Apricot Oil, Vitamin F, jojoba oil, essential oil of ylang-ylang essential oil of geranium essential oil of myrrh, licorice root concentrate selective, CO2 concentrate tansy extract, linden flower extract, raspberry leaf, lemon balm leaf extract , Beta-Carotene
Apply morning and evening on clean skin.

Cream with Herbs (Mirra-Lux)

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