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7 in 1 = Magnificent Effect  Foam carefully cleans and freshens, softens and smoothes wrinkles and heals the skin.
Cleansing Foam with Fruit Acids and Chamomile gently cleanses the skin without disturbing its protective barrier and disrupting the moisture balance. A complex of mild surfactants, derived from castor, coconut and rapeseed oils, gently but efficiently removes the impurities from the skin surface, prevents the growth of pathogenic flora. Fruit acids and plant extracts tone, exfoliate and smoothe out the skin relief. The silky smooth cleansing foam prepares the skin for further skin care procedures and leaves a sensation of freshness and comfort.
Cleansing Foam is suitable to all skin types, but works best on oily skin.
Cleanses the skin without damaging its protective barrier;
Protects the skin against dehydration;
Tones and exfoliates the skin.

100 ml

Face Wash Foam with Fruit Acids and Chamomile.

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