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Feel freshness and comfort!
Enjoy the freshness and cleanliness every day and during the most exciting moments of your life! Intimate Care Foam with Chamomile and Boswellia delicately cleanses the sensitive skin in the intimate area and leaves a long-lasting sense of comfort.
  The intimate cleanser contains a carefully chosen composition of ultra soft surfactants on the basis of coco-betaine, glutamic and amber acid. This allows achieving a dermatological intimate hygiene product, distinguished by excellent foam forming and cleansing qualities.
  Camellia sasanqua oil, Boswellia and Lemon balm (Melissa) extracts soothe the skin and relieve irritation. Chamomile extract, Lactic acid and Lactulose create an environment hostile to the development of foreign microorganisms, thus helping maintain the skin's flora balance.
The formula of intimate hygiene wash also contains a unique ingredient (coconut oil and glutamic acid ether), which allows preventing the absorption of surfactants by the horny layer of skin, thus excluding the possibility of lowering skin's barrier functions.
  A pleasant delicate foam is perfectly balanced for everyday intimate care.


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