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An innovative product for moisturizing and increasing skin resistance to stress factors. A caviar sol which is rich in amino acids, microelements and vitamins activates all the important skin functions. Caviar sol growth factors (natural regulatory peptides), phyto oils lipids and hyaluronic acid increase reparative skin potential. The course treatment with the serum increases tone and improves skin condition.
  It is a deep moisturizing product which contains a unique ingredient – caviar sol (a fluid flowing around fish eggs). The concentration of microelements, vitamins and amino acids in a sturgeon caviar sol is much higher than in sheep placenta extract and woman’s breast milk.
  Highly purified hyaluronic acid sodium salt obtained with the help of biotechnological methods protects the skin from moisture loss.
  The serum activates metabolism and moisturizes the skin for a long time restoring its tone and velvet feeling, and significantly improves its appearance.

Moisturizing Serum with Sturgeon Caviar

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