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Regenerating Cream is produced on the basis of lamellar emulsion which works as a second skin. By replicating the structure of cellular membranes it restores the damaged areas. Besides, the nourishing oils added to the cream emulsion, obtain a highly absorbable form.
Collagen Premium has an effect of immediate mechanical action, which allows relaxing and resting the links of neuromuscular cells, contributing to the reduction of mimic and other wrinkles (light botox effect).
The product facilitates the healing of small skin lesions and removes scaling, making skin soft and matte. The cream's active complex stimulates tissue regeneration and collagen production, supplies the skin with essential amino acids. As a result, the skin gets renewed from within and gains a younger, fresher look.
Regenerating Cream Collagen Premium is perfect for restoring dull and tired skin after stressful exposure to harsh weather conditions, dry air in heated rooms, contaminated environment. It suits all types of skin, including dry and sensitive. Lamellar emulsion structure makes it useful even for children's skin with damaged barrier functions, suffering from phospholipid and polyunsaturated fatty acid shortage.

Regenerating Cream Collagen Premium

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