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Recommended for joint pain and muscle pain, tissue swelling, stiffness in movement. Complex warming essential oils and metilnikotinata (derivative of nicotinic acid - vitamin PP) increases blood flow to the affected area. Inulin and salicin burdock and white willow, clover and panthenol coumarin anti-inflammatory effect. Glucosamine protects and regenerates cartilage, salts of phosphonic acids normalize salt metabolism.
Has analgesic and mild warming effect
reduces the intensity of the inflammatory response in the joints and surrounding tissues
restores mobility of the joints
Emulsion base, de -ionized water, amaranth oil extract, burdock root extract, white willow, CO2 extract of Melilotus officinalis, D-panthenol, chitosan from crab shells, Metilnikotinat, acetylglucosamine, coriander essential oil, essential oil of marjoram, rosemary essential oil, Essential eucalyptus oil, essential oil of cloves, salt etidronovoy acid, Cato
Apply morning and evening on clean skin. Before use, make sure that no components are hypersensitive. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. After application wash hands.

REMOVIT Transdermal Balm for the Joints.

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