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D escription
Lecithin and natural moisturising factor (NMF) components replicate the cellular membrane structure and ensure the restoration of all kinds of metabolism.
A stabilised form of vitamin C is an anti-oxidant, skin brightening component, helping to reduce capillary fragility.
Organic oil and herb complex, which includes birch leaf, rosebay willowherb, wood betony extracts and aloe juice, create a powerful rejuvenating effect.
Mint Essential Oil and natural menthol strengthen the cryotherapeutic action multiple times, remove tissue swelling and lymphostasis.
Ascorbyl palmitate
A fat-soluble form of vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant. Helps remove skin redness caused by UV radiation, brightens the skin. Strengthens capillary walls, reduces their fragility.
Jojoba oil
Characterised by excellent bioavailability, well tolerated by the skin. Stimulates natural regeneration processes, supplies the skin with moisture and nutrients.
Sesame oil
Protects against UV radiation and photo-ageing. Rich in antioxidants (vitamin C, silicon). Rejuvenates the skin, protects against hyperpigmentation. Supplies the skin with micro- and macro-nutrients, which participate directly in collagen synthesis. Its phytosterols stimulate cellular regeneration, plump and firm the skin, give it more volume.
Aloe arborescens juice
Ensures a multiple level protection against environmental hazards. Polysaccharides of different molecular mass hydrate the skin layer by layer. Long-chain polysaccharides spread on the skin surface and protect it against the loss of moisture. Short-chain polysaccharides penetrate into the deep layers of skin and stimulate the local immunity cells.
Wood betony extract
Natural anti-septic – inhibits the activity of illness related bacteria and viruses. Stimulates local immunity, works as a soothing and anti-inflammatory agent. Improves microcirculation, strengthens capillary walls.
Rosebay willowherb extract
Suppresses inflammation and removes the signs of stress. Rich in vitamin C, stimulates the local immune system. Manganese, iron and calcium it contains participate in the building of cellular membranes, make the skin well-toned and resilient. Flavonoids act as antioxidants, protect against the hazardous free radical action and UV radiation.
Birch leaf juice
Rich in essential oils, ascorbic acid and tannins. Protect the skin against free radical action, UV radiation and other environmental hazards. Biologically active compounds it contains regenerate and soothe skin, remove irritation, selectively suppress bacterial and viral activity. Strengthen capillary walls and improve microcirculation, stimulate lymphatic drainage, helps remove fluids from tissues.
Natural menthol
Freshens, tones and soothes the skin, stimulates lymphatic drainage and removes the swelling. Suppresses inflammation, improves microcirculation. Restores the hydrolipidic skin barrier, normalises the sebaceous gland activity, shrinks the pores. Helps remove toxic substances and metabolic products from skin cells.
The major structural component of cellular walls. Ensures anti-oxidative protection, stimulates tissue regeneration, the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.
Penetrates deeply and moisturises the skin, strengthens skin‘s immunity, improves tissue resilience and elasticity, stimulates regeneration. Soothes the skin, helps suppress inflammation an remove the signs of stress.

Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream CRYO PRO

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